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Managing complex workflows, with simplicity

TREA365 is the all-in-one software to manage inventory, workflow, and personnel. Having all your solutions in one place keeps them easy to manage and use. Minimize training and get important insights and real-time data.

All products are supported on web and mobile platforms for ease of access, even on the go. With easy integration and automation, you can start saving sooner.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard tool provides an accurate snapshot of your entire business. You can view valuable insights on growth and management at a glance with the summary view or read detailed reports. The interface is intuitive and interactive, allowing you to access data in real-time.

Set custom date ranges and quickly identify your most valuable assets and their usage. Spot problems early with data on inventory discrepancies and your most frequent repairs. All the critical real-time data you need is available on an easy-to-use interface.

Inventory & Asset Management

Inventory & Asset Management tools make it easy to manage and review your Total Cost of Ownership. Perform immediate inventory audits online or on mobile. Manage, trace, and track your assets at a glance.

Protect assets and inventory with maintenance updates and scheduling. Control the purchase of products and cost from external suppliers with an organized, easy-to-navigate purchase order and receiving slip system. Know what’s available and the costs of use of all your inventory in real-time.

Workflow Management

Simplify complex management tasks. Build and monitor well thought out and detailed workflow processes with ease. Create and track accurate project estimations in a mobile system. Store and monitor existing work orders with organized paperless software.

The user-friendly scheduling tool allows for step-by-step project roadmapping organized by job and dates. The simple interface makes it easy to view jobs, workflow, and progress – even on complex projects. Improve your workflow with organized, well-thought-out processes.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is essential for any growing business. As the number of clients increases, a CRM tool serves to create meaningful engagement with customers and prospects. It is a necessity for maintaining client satisfaction, creating long term customers and increasing revenues.

Our full-service, integrated CRM software contains detailed client profiles and contact info complete with links to relevant documentation. Our simplified Customer Relationship Management tool improves communication to land and retain more clients.

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management made easy. Store and retrieve all your HR information in one place. Prevent headaches and confusion with complete transparency for employers, employees, and subcontractors. Detailed payroll and timesheet information keeps real-time information on the work done and payment received.

Subcontractors are stored on a sheet with all the most pertinent information for reviewing past, or setting up future, contracts. Core contact information, services offered, cost, and availability are all readily available. TREA365 is the better way to manage HR.


Simplify your administrative tasks with TREA365. Paperless admin software organizes information critical to your business with ease of access and readability front-of-mind.

Use effortless system management to track and manage suppliers, manufacturers, locations, permissions, and more. Take advantage of remote and mobile access for updates, overviews, and information on-the-go or in-office.


Financial and accounting software provides real-time insights and management. Balance your cash flow while making payments on time. Payment scheduling keeps track of upcoming and past payments. View suppliers, work orders, due dates, and amounts due at a glance.

Invoicing tools provide real-time views of all invoicing information and quick recall of past information. Keep your finances organized and up-to-date with TREA365 Financials.

Dispatch Dashboard

Aligning resources with customer and delivery locations. TREA365 can provide both traditional GPS tracking and newer mobile tracking capabilities accompanied by a Dashboard that clearly defines the availability, scheduling and order for each vehicle.

Our world is real-time, detailed with an allowance for flexibility. TREA365 supports this by providing a Dispatch Dashboard that answers your question regarding the, “who, what, where and why” on your mobile workforce…. all on one screen.

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